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To keeping children safe from Food & Airborne Allergens

Oatfuls mini cookies- 5 ( " 2 by 2") in each bag

Oatfuls mini cookies- 5 ( " 2 by 2") in each bag

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Oatfuls Mini Cookies: Tiny Delights for Big Enjoyment!

Dive into the wholesome goodness of our Oatfuls Mini Cookies—a perfect blend of gluten-free oats and nutritious hemp seeds, crafted into delightful 2 by 2-inch bites.

Each bag contains five precisely portioned cookies, ready to be baked and enjoyed at your convenience. Free from gluten and common allergens, including soy, legumes, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, corn, celery, barley, mustard, shellfish, fish, peas, and sesame, these mini delights cater to various dietary needs.

Savor the simplicity and goodness of Oatfuls Mini Cookies—an easy, health-conscious treat offering five bites of pure enjoyment in every bag!




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