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Lucian's Culinary Chronicles

Thank you for being part of the Lucian's Food family. Join us as we continue to explore, taste, and celebrate the wonderful world of food!

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The Lucian's Food Team

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Capitalize: Food

Lucian's Food at the Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Center

We are thrilled to announce that Lucian's Food has proudly participated in the Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Capitalize Food Program, earning a spot in the Top 8! This incredible journey has allowed us to showcase our culinary passion and dedication to creating exceptional dining experiences. 


Top 8 Finalist: Lucian's Food competed among top contenders and secured a place in the prestigious Top 8 of the Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Capitalize Food Program.


Now Available at the Stadium:

You can now enjoy the delicious flavors of Lucian's Food at the Golden 1 Center! Our offerings are not only available for Kings fans but also for attendees of various events, concerts, and more.

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Studio40 Live

At Lucian’s Food, their mission is to make it easy for people with dietary restrictions to find delicious and satisfying food options. As someone who struggled to find plant based, gluten-free and allergen-free options for years, they understand how frustrating it can be.

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Growing our reach

We are available for delivery in San Francisco & and Oakland!

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