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Lucian Lee

Who is he?

"Meet Lucian, a resilient 6-year-old with a zest for life and a heart of gold. Fueled by a journey through severe food allergies and navigating autism and Extreme Skin issues. He is beyond his years in wisdom, Lucian is a beacon of strength and positivity, reminding us that every challenge can be met with grace and courage."

    Amanda Long

    CEO & Founder

    "Meet Lucian's mom, a force of love and resilience raising four incredible souls. Fueled by compassion and a passion for advocacy, she embarked on a journey driven by her son's severe food allergies and autism. With boundless determination, she transforms challenges into opportunities, creating a nurturing environment for her children. Lucian's mom, an everyday hero, is the heart and strength behind a family that thrives on love and support."

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    Allergen Monster

    He Keeps us Safe

    "Introducing Allergen Monster, our friendly cartoon crafted to erase fears about food choices. With a promise of being allergen-free from the top 15 food allergens, Allergen Monster is set to become the certified trademark for Lucian's Food, embodying our commitment to safe snacking."

      The Hempty Dempty

      Yep , it's made with Hempseeds

      "Meet Hempty Dempty Cookies, where every bite is a blend of freshness and flavor. Crafted with care, our cookies are baked fresh, entirely plant-based, and enriched with wholesome hempseeds. Not only are they a delight for your taste buds, but they also come with the assurance of being free from the top 15 food allergens. Hempty Dempty Cookies redefine the joy of snacking – they're better than your grandma's cookies, bringing a new level of deliciousness to every treat."

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